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AKD-Studio - 3D Virtual visits and panoramas - Navigation instructions




Navigation icons for the 3D virtual visit


1. To execute a rotation of the model the icon/tool « rotation » must be used

Icones-Navigation-Spread3D - Rotation If your mouse is equiped with a scrolling wheel you can used it at the same time to zoom.

    2. To enter inside the model « plane » tool must be used

Icones-Navigation-Spread3D - Plane The window will enter a « special » mode. Left button of the mouse must be maintened pushed (it is the gas pedal on a vehicule) and move the mouse to the right, to the left, up or down to naviguate (= stirring wheel on a vehicule).

In case navigation gets stuck, you can exit that « special » mode by clicking button "Escape" of the keyboard.

3. Finally, to get back to the initial view, fourth icon on the left must be used Icones-Navigation-Spread3D - ZommOut.